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Photo shoot:

Love sessions with Diane Barbier

Diane came to stay in Pella Roca Spa Cabins and loved their design, natural light and atmosphere. She suggested she work with our guests and she showed us her work.

We instantly fell in love with her photographs and the love which emanates from them. Diane’s ability to capture the feeling and moments of togetherness between a couple is magical.


We said YES!

If you’ve always dreamed of doing a photoshoot with your partner, now is the moment! Just the experience itself is worth it; a chance to show your best sides without realising it, to love each other with your eyes, and let Diane discretely etch these moments forever in your memories. She only looks for authenticity, hence the beauty of her photos, of your moments, captured through her gaze.

What better place to do it than at PELLA ROCA Spa Cabins? Dive into the hot tub together, cosy up next to the woodburning stove, walk hand in hand among the oak trees, smile at sunset, breathe, live and feel.



Diane offers 1hr sessions, which can sometimes be longer or shorter, depending on the feeling, the moment, the light and yourselves. You will come away with 20 high definition photos, your love for eternity.

Price: 250€

Call us when you reserve your cabin, and we’ll organise the rest!


Discover the world of Diane and her wonderful photos here

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