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 Four Spa Cabins   

three different atmospheres

Cabane avec spa et sauna privatif près de toulouse
PELLA ROCA, Cabane Spa 2 _ spa et sauna privatif _ cr _bestjobers _ www.pella-roca (5).jpg

The Spa cabins 

These are our original cabins, which we conceived and built ourselves. Constructed entirely from wood and other natural materials, they have a cosy and natural feel which instils you with a sense of well-being.

On the terrace you’ll find your own wood-fired hot tub, alongside your sauna and a hammock, suspended above the ground below.

At night, nestle in beside the brasero, where you can take in the stars even if it’s chilly. Scandinavian Bohemian, rustic chic….you decide how to characterise the unique style of these beautiful cabins in the trees.

Cabane & Spa


Escape to the tropics just an hour away from Toulouse or two and a half hours from Bordeaux.

Exotic and unique, with warm colours and a tropical look, Tropicabana is our latest baby. You’ll be transported by its dreamy design and decoration. This cabin has its own ecological hot tub and sauna just for you. On winter nights, do a little star gazing cosied up to the brasero and experience some magic moments in the heart of nature.


If you love travelling and island adventures this cabin is made for you!

Tropicabana_Cabane Spa__bestjobers_www.pella-roca (16).jpg
Tropicabana_Cabane Spa__bestjobers_www.pella-roca (44).jpg
Cabane Spa_ ShouSuguiBan__bestjobers_PELLA

Spa cabin

Shou Sugi Ban

Nos petite grande dernière Cabane et Spa, originale, toute noire et pourtant chaleureuse d'une élégance rare....

Sur votre terrasse votre jacuzzi privatif écologique chauffant au feu de bois, mais aussi votre sauna et une grande terrasse qui domine la vallée

A l'intérieur son poêle à bois et ses différents niveaux, charmante et unique

Style japonais, bohème, mélanges ethniques réussis....ce sera encore une fois à vous de nous dire quel est le style de cette belle création. La promesse d'une nuit unique !

We have built four exceptional cabins, perched on a rocky plateau amongst the trees, and equipped with wood fired hot tubs for a truly ecological and natural treat. With their saunas and wood burning stoves, our three elevated cabins are ideal for a romantic and unusual getaway all year round..


Four treehouse cabins, equipped with wood fired hot tubs and saunas for your very own use.

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