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Spa Cabins

One & Two

Furnished with hammocks suspended way above the ground below, the terraces in these cabins invite you to relax and laze around in spectacular style. Spoilt for choice, will you go for a bathe in the hot tub under the stars or a session in the sauna to relax?

Perched on a rocky hillside overlooking the estate and truffle orchard, Spa Cabins 1 and 2 offer a superb view across the countryside. These two cabins are identical, the only difference being their location on the hillside.


Make the most of your night in the cabin with your complimentary breakfast and unlimited use of your hot tub and sauna. In summer, freshen up in the beautiful swimming pool on the estate. Arrivals are from 5pm and departures from 11am, or 1pm if you choose the brunch option.


  • Sauna and hot tub in your cabin for your personal use

  • Suspended hammock on the terrace. Brasero outside the cabin and wood burning stove inside

  • Organic fair trade cotton / satin bed and bathroom linen

  • Luxury hotel style queen sized bed and mattress

  • Complimentary tea tray with organic, fair trade loose leaf tea, coffee and herbal tea

  • Each cabin has a well-equipped kitchenette with everything you need to reheat your meals

PELLA ROCA, Cabane Spa 2 _ spa et sauna privatif _ cr _bestjobers _ www.pella-roca (35).jp

In Spa Cabins 1 and 2 your wood fired hot tub awaits you on your terrace, with its bubbles and ambient lighting. Resoundingly ecological and romantic, this large and comfortable feature offers an unlimited sense of well-being.

Our Nordic Skarguard hot tubs heat very quickly - in no more than an hour the water in your tub will be 36° or more. Our hot tubs are in the open air which affords a unique experience and the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the natural environment. Even when it’s raining, there’s nothing like stepping into a luxurious hot tub with your loved one!

Private Hot Tub

Private Sauna

Discover the health benefits of a sauna and reinvigorate your body and mind, while enjoying panoramic view of the hills and valleys of the Quercy region. This is a cabin in the trees where we’ve thought hard about your sense of well-being.

For maximum comfort your sauna is equipped with two large benches. Adjust the temperature and humidity with water enriched with Eucalyptus essential oils.

_bestjobers_pella_roca_cabane_spa_www.pella-roca (134).jpg
PELLA ROCA, Cabane Spa 2 _ spa et sauna privatif _ cr _bestjobers _ www.pella-roca (30).jp

In all seasons

No matter the season, make the most of your romantic night in a cabin, and cosy up inside next to the stove. Outside, even in the heart of winter, you can dream under starry skies warmed by the brasero.

Thanks to their excellent insulation and wood burning stoves, our elevated wood cabins can welcome you all year round. Winter is actually an ideal season to make the most of the sauna and hot tub, to snuggle up under the duvet and together have the chance to read, laugh, love and sleep.

Our cabins were conceived for relaxation and rejuvenation. Soak up the natural environment, lose track of time and spend a very special night in the heart of a unique place, enveloped by the breathtaking scenery.

Spa Cabins 1 and 2 welcome you in a wonderful setting, where luxury and nature combine harmoniously. On your terrace you’ll find your own private wood-fired hot tub and sauna. Each cabin is also equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette.

Our beds are worthy of the biggest hotels, there are cotton satin sheets, and bathrobes and bathroom products for guests... nothing is missing. Our cabins are unique and are equipped to welcome you all year round, thanks to their wood burning stoves and excellent insulation.

Spa Cabins 1 and 2 have been thoughtfully decorated to create a cosy and romantic atmosphere, albeit in a pure and natural style. Open the door, feel your troubles slip away and let yourself go.

Perched amongst the trees, the Pella Roca treetop Cabins and Spa are ecological and very well insulated. They were built by us with the help of local craftsmen using local and environmentally responsible materials.

To sum it up, at PELLA ROCA you will find all you need for a night in a Cabin and Spa which is both romantic and out of the ordinary.


Cabane Spa 1__bestjobers_PELLA ROCA_www.pella-roca (12).jpg


 > Queen sized bed (160*200)

 >  Private sauna

 >  Private hot tub

 >  Bathrobes, towels and sheets

 >  Comfortable and well equipped bathroom (real toilets, shower and basin)

>   Wood burning stove (inside)

PELLA ROCA, Cabane Spa 2 _ spa et sauna privatif _ cr _bestjobers _ www.pella-roca (60).jp

> Gourmet dinner basket (€60 for two)

> Brunch (€35 for two)

> YesForLove lovers gift box (from €10)

> Massages by appointment (from €90)

> Local sparkling wine or champagne, mini-bar

> LOVE SESSION (photo shoot)

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